Why are USS Covers square?


Square covers do not require complex hinges that need to be adjusted.


Why are USS Pits square?


We encapsulate Link SealŪ Steel Sleeves into the flat fiberglass surface. 
USS uses non-proprietary components wherever possible.


Why are USS Pits Gel-Coated?


We use steel molds, sand, and gel-coat pits to reduce wicking and fraying. 
The term wicking: when a strand of fiberglass protrudes from the surface and enables fluids to follow the strand producing swelling and fraying causing fiberglass failure. 
Steel Molds provide a flat internal surface without wicks. 
Sanding the external surface removes wicks. 
Gel-Coating seals the internal and external pit surfaces; the internal coating provides a white finish to enhance reflectivity and the external coating prevents ground water intrusion.


Why does USS use Gas Springs to actuate the USS24 and USS36 Covers?


Gas Springs reduce the cover lift weight to between 20 to 40 lbs. and dampen cover closure.


Why does USS use Hydraulic Cylinders to open the USS36X60, USS48, and USS48X60 Covers?


When Counter-Weighted or Torsion Actuated Cover fails it is without warning, expensive and difficult to repair, dangerous, and catastrophic event. 
Hydraulic Cylinders are more dependable and typically do not fail catastrophically.
If there is a problem it usually is the seal that provides a warning by beginning to leak, is not expensive and is easy to replace.